Hi, welcome to the blog! My name is Sergey.

This blog will be about self-improvement and, more specifically, mastering skills. We will go beyond specific skills such as chess, tennis, and piano, and look at such elusive attributes as thorough planning, being proactive, the ability to get along with people, the ability to calm down one’s emotions, and the ability to experience happiness. In many ways those are also skills, and the same principles can be applied. We will explore if it truly does take 10,000 hours to master a skill, and if so, what is the best way to spend those hours. Most importantly, we will zero-in on the importance of a productive mindset.

The target audience is defined as the top 3% in any field. Whether you are already leading the way or are still aspiring to join the 3%, my perspective is here to accelerate your journey. I will draw on my personal experience of lifelong learning in incredibly diverse fields, from dance to software development, from piano to meditation to street sales, and much more.

Hang tight, and let the journey unfold…