• Leave your feedback. Please, be direct, and the nastier, the better. I can return the favor if you need feedback on your blog / website / resume.
  • Collaboration: I am interested in guest posts “How to become very good at X” by experts in various fields. If you want to help with the design, marketing, video/audio recording,  let me know. If you are interested in writing a book together on the subject of deliberate learning, let me know as well.
  • Consultation: I can offer one-time skype consultation on your learning strategy/mindset in exchange for good feedback and/or featuring my content on social media (facebook, LinkedIn, your blog).
  • No math/computer science tutoring: If you are a former math/computer science student, I do not currently tutor those. Please, go to wyzant.com, where I used to tutor, and look for another tutor. If you found me on the gmatclub.com forum, at this point I do not tutor GMAT either. Consider Endeavor Tutoring. If you want to learn math at a very high level and are willing to dedicate many years to it, check out the book Mathematical Circles by Genkin, Itenberg, Fomin.  
  • No data science consulting: If you are a former data science client, I do not currently consult new clients. Please, go to toptal.com, where I used to consult, and look for another consultant. It’s a platform with very high standards. If you are yourself looking for a job as a data scientist, drop me a line.
  • Mastermind: I sometimes participate in mastermind meetings where we give each other feedback on current challenges. If you are interested, please, describe your situation and your current goals.

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